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CodeCaptain began with a small group of developers who love to code. While working in both startups and established companies, this core group of developers realized that it was not necessarily the product or company that stoked their passion, but the act of development itself. CodeCaptain is committed to bringing its passion for reliable, maintainable and efficient code to all of its clients. We have tempered our passion with the realities of business and always utilize pragmatic thought when deciding on the most efficient path toward achieving our client's goals.

About Code Captain


CodeCaptain specializes in mobile and web application development for both the client and server-side. We are specialists in a wide variety of client-side frameworks built on top of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. We're right at home in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Services, utilitizing the right application and storage layer technology for the job.

Sencha Development Services

CodeCaptain specializes in developing Web and Mobile Applications using the ExtJs and Sencha Touch frameworks. We offer a variety of service formats for Sencha development services, including:

  • Providing expert resources for your existing team.
  • Managing and executing development of an entire application.
  • Managing and executing development of an application extension.
  • Application support services, including feature additions and bug fixes.

Beyond the standard UI development tasks involved with every web or mobile project, CodeCaptain advises and executes on advanced Sencha development topics; such as: Application architecture from design to implementation. Production builds and integration in existing build systems (Ant, Maven, MSBuild). Custom components from scratch or based on ExtJs components. Custom themes and theme management systems. Unit testing using Selenium, Jasmine or other Unit Testing frameworks. Performance optimization. ExtJs Development Our development team has extensive experience using all major revisions of ExtJs since 3.1. ExtJs is our favorite web development framework for many reasons, including: Extensive out of the box UI elements. Pre-determined application framework (MVC). Solid data package (*). Excellent theming package. Built in application packaging for a production environment. Sencha Touch Development Our development team has extensive experience using all major revisions of Sencha Touch since 1.1. We have developed both phone and tablet based applications for a variety of clients. Sencha Touch has been our mobile development framework of choice for a few compelling reasons: Solid inertial scrolling support. “Profile” architecture for supporting tablet and mobile form factors with a common code base. Solid data package (*) Excellent theming package. Built in application packaging for a production environment.

Custom Web Development

We have been developing Web applications for quite some time at CodeCaptain and have used most of the more well known framework at one time or another. Our team is quite comfortable working on custom web applications using any of the following frameworks, or working without a framework at all. If your preference is to using either no framework, or one of the frameworks listed below, we can help. Or, if all you have is User Interface designs, we can recommend the appropriate framework with which to build your application. Frameworks CodeIgniter (PHP) Laravel (PHP) WordPress (PHP) Express (Node.js) ASP.NET MVC (C#) ASP.NET 2.0+ (C#) Entirely Custom JavaScript CSS HTML SQL (Postgressql, MySql, T-SQL) NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, CouchDB)

Backend Development

Backend Development CodeCaptain’s team of engineers has developed many highly scalable backend systems. That same team has also administered and designed several large cloud based infrastructures to support these systems. Developing Backend Systems Whether it’s designing and implementing a RESTful API or writing a custom service to process large amounts of data; CodeCaptain is interested in helping you solve difficult processing challenges using the following technologies: PHP, Node.js, C#, SQL (T-SQL, MySQL, Postgressql), NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, Memcached) and more. CodeCaptain has experience using several IAAS (Infrastructure-As-A-Service) platforms including: Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. We can configure any number of SQL, Web, Caching or Load Balancer servers to scale your application.

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